Back in the day, The Digital Awards’ Founder Simon Dalley worked in the world of offline marketing, in his time as an offline marketer he helped develop a magazine that serviced the light commercial vehicle (LCV) industry. The magazine went by the name of Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine. It wasn’t long after the magazine was developed, distributed and getting feedback from the LCV industry, the idea of creating an awards programme was discussed. Soon after this the awards came into being to put something back into the industry. They were an instant success and over the next few years Simon helped develop these awards which by the end of his association with the magazine in 2007 had become the leading awards in the LCV industry with an annual awards dinner.

So what’s this got to do with digital?

Not a lot! Since Simon’s time as an offline marketer the world has changed and his skill set has changed with it. Whilst working on PV&LT Magazine Simon also worked with clients developing his online marketing skills and since then has moved on to become one of the leading figures in the UK search marketing industry.

Knowing the power and credibility sector specific awards can add to businesses and an industry as a whole, Simon founded The Digital Awards to promote and reward excellence in the digital sector.